We offer investment properties with the largest margins in the industry

Intelligent High-profit Deals for the Savvy Investor

Run Your Numbers

All of our deals are super smart, but so are you. Do your research, review the pics, call us for showings and offers.

Close The Deal

We handle everything to make sure there is clean title and we ensure a clean close.

Make Your Money

Get the property rent ready or get that full rehab done. Rent it or sell it quick and come back to us for the next one!

Investment Properties up to 50% Off!

Here's How it Works

Once you have targeted the property that you would like to purchase, simply give us a call to get started. We will provide all of the necessary paperwork and we will send it for electronic signature. By this time our title company will have already begun the title work and is already working towards a closing date. We will get you in direct contact with them and guide you all the way to closing. When it comes time for closing, we will send a remote closer to any location in the country for you to sign at our expense. Once all the documents have been signed and the cash is in escrow, the closing will be finalized and the property will be yours. 

Need Cash to Buy One of Our Deals?

We have several hard money lenders that we work with regularly. Let us know if you need some help and we will get you in contact with our vetted and experienced lenders.